The Reassuring Throb

by It's All You, Cowboy

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Music written/recorded/produced between 12/25/15-3/20/16 by Frankie Furillo. for contact.


released April 20, 2016



all rights reserved


It's All You, Cowboy Stoughton, Wisconsin

One man musical circus from Stoughton.

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Track Name: The Song For ____
You give me a reason to love someone i'm not supposed to
and i dont mind, i'll maybe talk to you another time
I hate to say goodbye at the end of the evening-do you need a ride?
going home's always the longest drive
you said you're sad sometimes, and i'm sad all the time, we're two of a kind
let's talk about it before work at 9
Would you take my call sometime, if it's out of the blue at 4am or 5
your voice is pretty even when your eyes are far from wide
I want to have you by my side
This is a pointless life we live, and if I die tomorrow I guess that's how it is
you make me want to change my mind
You make me feel so bad when you ask if I'm ok because you know i'm sad
you tolerate me even when i'm mad
when we're off and it's me and you, I cant formulate the words or think things through
sometimes I wonder if you have a clue
You make a week feel like a while, and when I hold my tongue I feel like a pile
But that all changes when I see you smile : )
I'd drive 4 miles
But for now I must keep all that in the file
Track Name: The Highschool
And I have no reason to keep feeding the tapeworm
nothing to believe in, and I know that someone else is in your sight
I can't find the time
to put you out, out of my mind

I will never need to recall
The things that I learned in school at all
Back then jocks were in high demand
I never had a good excuse to divvy up my plans

I have no meaning, no purpose I can find
talking in the LMC, how do you build up such a shrine?
This is your kingdom, you're the wisest king we've seen
and I want to be like you-living in an endless dream

Closing in, storming out
never had a moments doubt
I wonder if we've ever spoke
I'll ask you if you want to smoke
I wanna take you to the zoo
You seem you'd like protesting the cruel
I want to shout it out
I know you want to talk about it
Track Name: The Workplace Sympathy
(No Sympathy)
You're the pain in the ass that I can't ignore
this place isn't my home anymore
time, to hold back, say nothing
get me for something else, i'll never win
I showed up again
but one of these days it will be the end
I clocked in again
I don't know how much longer i can pretend
I want to stab your face
I think I should find a new workplace
I showed up again
I've had enough, I'm done and I'm leaving now
I don't care if they can me anyhow
Not for the sake of the company
Day dreams of choking my boss keep me company
Middle-aged mom with that look in her eyes
I can hear it now and I'm never surprised
Needs to complain because that's how she was raised
We are out of what she wants and someone's gotta pay
She expects things that she can't
Has no sympathy for this awkward dance
I dont care what you want
Track Name: The Fatal Drug
Everyday, I'm in a trance
get a paycheck, buy some plants
without a purpose or a plan
my parents do not understand
coffee to go when I leave the house
everyday losing sight of things I care about
a dog pissed on my rug
someone inject me with a fatal drug
I see it now that there is no point
to meet new people I can disappoint
with my negative attitude
you cant put the pieces back just with some glue
every morning it feels worse
I feel lethargic, my head hurts
so YEAH I wanna talk.
do you want me to etch it in some stone
or write it in some chalk?
Usually late but here I am
Why do you keep trying to touch my hand
Track Name: The Monkey On My Back VS Miguel (Story Of A Hit-Man and Frankie's Terrible Revenge)
Excuse me, you sure did fool me
say you're sorry, you're not sorry
Julie, I feel foolish, for trying, I feel like dying
oh yeah
(Throw me away and find another one)
(I will not look back when I am gone)
I see how you act when you are alone
throw me in the trash, whatever, you deceitful hoe
Remember the days we spent together
I havent seen you since november, I think
Read me all the facts like I want to hear the proof
want to change the word but the TV can't yell back at you
feels like my heart's having menstrual cramps
and I can't focus on anything with this monkey on my back
holding on to the past
someone please help me get this monkey off of my back
Not sure what i would do if I saw you in the town
If we make eye contact, you betchya, I'll give you a frown
I hope that you receive the bad dreams
I will not be the only one that's losing the sleep
I want to be back on the right track, to call you, a friend again
I tried to stay within the fence
but then i met Miguel Juarez

We think he came from mexico
said he was raised by "Gab and Joe"
I told him what had occurred, he said what's on his mind
and now when I'm looking back it took a long damn time