Revenge Vol. 2

by It's All You, Cowboy

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Everything written and performed by Frankie Furillo. for contact.


released December 2, 2015



all rights reserved


It's All You, Cowboy Stoughton, Wisconsin

One man musical circus from Stoughton.

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Track Name: It's Ok
met you last week I want to take you home
next week find me on the phone
I can see it in your eyes "I want to bone"
next week I want some time alone
I'm feeling confused and I want to know
will you punk out or will you show?
10 minutes in it's clear you want to go
I said that you were a sight to behold
no one thinks you're cool and I want to choke your friend if I hear another inside joke
one month later I can barely cope
and I still do not understand why you won't let me smoke
at my wit's end I want to drop you off
on the side of the road, I don't care if you walk
when I pulled away you threw a rock at my car
the wounds hurt, but you can't see the rusty scar

It's ok.
and I know it's crazy
I see you're behaving
obscenely frustrated-
I'm feeling
It's ok.
and I stand behind you
and I'd like to find you
appealing you're gross and deceiving
It's ok.

Back in my life and I can't trust you now
buy a pack of cigarettes and go downtown
avoid your glance at the grocery store
I wanna go back to the way it was before
i'll get pissed off when you move on
start to second guess that I was wrong
try to bring back things that are gone
4 weeks later and it's been too long
Track Name: Sorry is just something people say
I'll apologize when I've been caught
when there's no way out
there is no need to admit
when it was your fault
wiping off a grown man's piss before I sit down
what can you say now?

Just something that people say
It's just something that the people will say

It's just a word they use
it's just a word they use just to validate their
their dull excuse

Sorry is just something that the people say
just to validate when they misbehave
it's just something that the people say
it makes everything ok
Track Name: I want you back in the USA
When they strap me in the chair please let them know the murder was just
I wont cry when they pull the switch
no i wont make a fuss
I will think about you when I go
it seems like an early death is the only life I know
done trying to start mundane conversations with anyone
and since you left I haven't been looking for a girl to call me "hun"
and i am asking myself what all this means
and i have seen some terrible things
been having some messed up dreams
and I won't die, no not this time
my parents used to say I have the whole world in my hand
even then I didn't understand

A long damp walk and it's so far to go
and I'm trying to catch up and I'm trying to deny it
but i've been neglecting this for so long
Track Name: Insignificant
It only seems right to say what's on my mind
taking words seriously because I meant 'em
like a 40-year old mom who's dressed in denim
you could lose a tooth
and i want your honesty but i dont want to hear the honest truth
you can stay away from me, if that is what you wanna do
you act like you know everything but cant offer the proof
and I could use a break
and everyday i live my life feels like my worst mistake
worst mistake

good to see that you are near
put on a fake smile that is non-sincere
you should feel the fear
you are not my peer
and I am such a prick
but i can name some people who'd probably make you sick

when will you see
you're insignificant, but to me you're all i got
Track Name: Dog Truff
I'm upset with everything that you said
you didnt have to voice your opinion
and now i wish that you were dead
sometimes when im on my own
make noise in the house when no one's home
went two months without a phone
some made judgments, others threw me a bone

stepped in dog truff once again
tried to clean it off it got on my hand

I try my best to keep dumb shit at bay
people say they're sorry
i dont know what to say
in response, yes it was your fault
now i am a dick
but i'll be glad to laugh it off