Hi In Hell

by It's All You, Cowboy

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get over the clipping you heartless demons. no one ever wrote a song for the production. thanks for listening


released July 7, 2016



all rights reserved


It's All You, Cowboy Stoughton, Wisconsin

One man musical circus from Stoughton.


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Track Name: Under A Plant
Reminisce back to 5 years ago, I miss the friend I had at home
you were mr. helping-hand, I thought we talked it through and had a plan
out in the A.M, I am not staying out on the street again
screaming out "where is my friend"
never thought I'd see you become one of them

you made me smile when I was feeling rough
I awkwardly confessed my love
we talked, you cleared it up
i'm glad I didnt try to touch your butt
out in the A.M, Im not staying, out on the street again
and im never giving up and i'll always offer you unwanted love <3
*screaming out "there is no chance, put me in a shallow grave under a plant"
Track Name: Postcards CBS
It seems you're going away for some time
send postcards when the day arrives
I wish you'd kiss them but I know you won't
but i wish that you would not go
dying to tell you what I need to say
and i will not complain to you
minds not here and I'm already gone
everything just feels wrong and when you leave it's against common sense
But i understand your reason
just please, come back soon.
Track Name: The Prison Of The Mind
In the prison of the mind i'm lonely
no options left and I am afraid to die
don't make me get up, i'm tired
of faking a smile with my yellow rotting teeth
I can't find a reason why
what did you say?
"where did the young boy go, you're cynical"
where did your blind faith go, you're cynical
where did the days go?
where did the years go?
where did your life go?
where did your hair go?
I'm upset, and I'll never want to know
look at existence, your life doesn't mean shit
tell me to smile like i'm a mindless infant
I know it could be worse
I should stop being a little bitch
things are looking up now
Track Name: My Obsessive Love
Always losing track of time when i'm trying to forget you
sorry that you're on mind, I hope that won't upset you
heard you when you said you don't ever want to see me
I wish you wouldn't talk like that, good things ,never come easy
I think about it everyday: never gunna hold you close/never gunna feel ashamed when you walk away
I will not feel ashamed when you walk away
Baby if you find someone, there won't be hard feelings
I will always take your call whenever you need me
find another one, wait till it is done
I will show you my obsessive love
I'll watch it ruin everything
remember what we had once
Track Name: The Species Reverse
Saw light beams in the sky, the human race doesn't try
the masses would not understand, you'd have to leave it to one man
we aren't alone in this universe, but we are the species that is reversed
when we meet the other ones, the rednecks bring their guns
mountain dew and cigarettes, I say we put 'em on house arrest
I know that day will come, when you see them do not run
greet them with a smile, it probably took them a while
Please take me from my home, i'll do whatever you propose
see them fly over me now, intelligent life wasn't found
no single thought was profound, maybe they'll see us around
maybe still come by, check to see if i'm alright
to make sure i'm alive, and ask how I haven't died
we talk in my dreams from time to time
my telescope is pointed right in your eye
i'm ready to leave, excited to finally meet
beam me up from the crops, no more reasons to call my pops
I wasn't satisfied with this world's gift
I'll still be smiling from the mothership
Track Name: Pretty 4
Prepare to go out tonight, get drug along and you just might put make-up on your eye, the color stands out and gets greasy when you cry
I know someone's on your mind
there's gotta be a reason that you spend the time under florescent lights
all the imperfections are coming through so bright
tell me who is texting you and making you smile when you are blue
give me the honest truth
is this just another thing that I'm putting to much though into
when you slip on that dress are you doing it just to look your best
or is your aim to impress, catch the eye of someone ive never met
who are you pretty for?
who's in your head smiling back?
The story repeats itself, and now I'm at home by myself
searching for something else, to escape my own personal hell
put on my favorite pants
with the ass that pops guaranteed to catch a glance
maybe if I change my stance
I'll attract some flock like this was a mating dance
sometimes it just feels unfair
I don't see the point of combing back my hair
you want me to leave you alone, so i'm putting on my best cologne
looking for reasons to call your phone
and ask you because I want to know
Track Name: I Don't Want To Be Angry Anymore
Laughing at me when you didn't try
i can see the fear in your eye
screaming at you till you break down and cry
i will never sacrifice my pride
never happy when it ends it tears
in the morning i avoid the mirror
i want to be coherent and clear, not wondering what i am doing here
i'm so blinded by emotion and i don't want to be angry anymore
i know this feeling cannot be right
im just asking to get in a fight
said something to his face one more time now i'm in the county fighting for my right
it's always been hard to let it go
i was mad but you didn't know
it's getting harder to tell the truth while fantasizing about breaking your tooth
i get caught up in the moment and i dont want to be angry anymore
I spoke my mind, it was worth it till you said goodbye
one more trip with my dad to survive and i'll look in the mirror some other time
life is a game that you can cheat
drink some coffee or whisky is cheap
when you get home and still cannot defeat
the demons and the monsters that you see
Track Name: Blast Off (A Frank Black Cover)
I'm headed for the dark, take shit as shit and
if you can take this town, I say good show
cause city hall-alla freaks
and the coffee is getting weak
I'm gunna make my mark, maybe in show biz
maybe on solid ground, I do not know
but i'm thinking all the time, and I'm saving all my dimes