by It's All You, Cowboy

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released August 8, 2017



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It's All You, Cowboy Stoughton, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Will You Remember Me?
Your clothes wont wash out the blood that you spill
you will calm down shut right up and take your pills
when its all over, when it is all said and done will you
will you remember me
I will force-feed your wanting cow, your laughing sheep
I'll never open up to you, you won't even look me in the eye now
but somehow you're still in every single dream
Track Name: The Ear
You are dying by yourself you have nobody else to call
no one is sending you a fax
i'm just falling down the stairs, injured but no one cares to help
for fear i may hold on too long
say you're sorry do not mean you're sorry
no one wants, to hear how much you're saving now
when there is no one here, i will be your ear
it is all on purpose, every cigarette will just clog a fish
that you could save
I have no faith in all of the human race

it's the way you comb your hair, the way your smell compares
to the stench, it aint the same without you now
I've been asking all around but no one hears the sound you emit
and i've been smiling recently
Infants are screaming bloody murder and I hope so
but you never die, even if I hired a guy
When there is no one here, I will be your ear
it is all on purpose, and I would choke that infant if it meant
that you would stay
I do not like those babies anyway
Track Name: Say Goodbye
He loses his mind along with every chip in front of him
she drinks till sunlight shines right through
men stick to her like elmer's glue, wash it off, come right back
cleaning up a mess that you made
the clock does not deceive but you just may
holes in your jeans that you dont make
calls that were collect that you wont pay
the fee that you require everyday
the lonesome man that I was still remains
at home yelling at the walls once more
lost, what am I even breathing for
sooner or later, ropes must reach an end
say goodbye to all your friends